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Taman Mini Sanseviera To Land Limited

Achieve a beautiful garden is probably the dream of every person. But what if the remaining land to garden in your home is limited?Many steps can be taken to bring the green garden in a limited area. This can be done by planting in pots or you can also menaman variety of crops in a single container or also known as a grouping plant . Excellence in container gardens like this are easily moveable. When you get bored put it on the terrace, you can move it into the house.According to Ir. Sentot Pramod (consultant landscape Deesent Gallery & Art Bonsai), to create a garden in a container, you should choose plants that easily maintained, for example plant family of succulent. Sanseviera or better known as the tongue-in-law is one of the family of succulent is pretty enough to decorate the small garden you . This park can you give the name of the park sanseviera mini. Modern home heaters Nook Plants and flowers decorate the garden and terrace beautiful -mini-garden-decorate-idea

beautiful -mini-garden-decorate-idea

At least there are more than 60 species sanseviera . Because the land in a fairly narrow container, then choose sanseviera with small size or dwarf. In general, there are types sanseviera whose leaves grow elongated upwards and some are short and rounded leaves.There are 3 variants sanseviera whose leaves are short, namely Sansevieria trifasciata ‘Golden Hahnii ” , Sansevieria trifasciata ‘Silver Hahnii ” , and Sansevieria trifasciata hahnii . Plants and flowers decorate the garden and terrace Prefabricated house design MOUNTAIN Sliding interior doors mini-garden-decorate


All three types can be applied in the mini park.According to the rule-making mini-parks, the composition of existing plants should be balanced. That is, low height and color of plants must be considered. To park sanseviera this mini, you can use this type of Sansevieria trifasciata whose leaves stretching upward like Sansevieria “Bantels Sensation” or Sansevieria trifasciata Laurentii . <Mini gardening is almost similar to manage the park in general. Exterior lighting Functional shelves Garden decoration mini-garden-decorate


In addition to organizing the plant, we also need to regulate the use of sand and stone as an element of a sweetener, for the garden look more beautiful.Sand used in the garden mini sansiviera as shown in the picture is kind of poor sand and sand flores. This element serves to give an impression of nature even though the park is placed in a container.In addition to the use of elements of sand and stone, shaped like a container for the garden made of natural stone and sand cement mixture.If you do not have time to make it, this mini sanseviera park can be purchased in finished form, with prices starting at Rp 250 thousands. Garden decoration Light and color Nails house-mini-garden-decorate-interior


Although crop prices sanseviera per polybag its cheap, when it is organized in a park like this so it will be expensive. This is because the park is made with due consideration to the park aesthetics.Well, if you want to raise a hobby but a narrow area, you can try to make the park a mini sanseviera.Treatment plants sansiviera not too difficult. Watering is not necessary every day, and pretty leaves are sprayed with water. FURNITURE Louis XII (XVII century) Neoclassical furniture Outdoor Wood Decks mini-garden-decorate-interior-idea


Do not be too many flush with water because these plants are not too fond of water. Too much water it will cause the leaves to rot quickly.To peletakannya, this park can be placed indoors or outdoors. But it’s good this park is not exposed to the sun continuously. When exposed to direct sun, the leaves gradually sanseviera will change. Green leaves will turn darker. Meanwhile, the yellow leaves will turn slightly pale yellow.

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